New Event Calendar Launched

In an effort to help the community organize and to better advertise events around the country, we have launched a new events calendar. Anyone may submit a historical reenactment event and we will manually update it to the calendar after we review the submission. This calendar will not only serve to help direct the general public to events near them but it will serve to connect reenactors to events and, in time, it will help organizers plan their events to minimize overlap and date conflicts.


You can view the calendar here.


Over time we will improve the calendar and plan on eventually adding a calendar map so that you can view events by location as well as by date. Events will also be color coded by era and event type.


Many fields on the event submission form are required entries as they represent the absolute minimum amount of information required to properly advertise an event. Over the years we have found that many people neglect basic information when advertising their event like an address or date. Based on this experience we set about determining the bare minimum requirements for an effective event advertisement that won't just frustrate people.