The Search Continues

We have reached out to a number of property owners in our search for a permanent home with some success. There are a few properties open to working with us to host events and at least one of the disused industrial complexes we have reached out to are considering ways they might be able to work with us. There is another 105 acre property which could be purchased for a reasonable price which might be a very good place to start. Ideally, we are looking for as much land as possible but 100 acres would still allow more than enough space for a village or two with some surrounding land and trails. 

These discussions have helped us better define our fund raising goals. Beyond simply keeping the lights on, we are seeing a path forward. Securing a property is critical to moving forward but owning that property will be crucial to expanding the site and building on it. 

With the loss of several other good events this year, we are also exploring several other ways to help keep these historical reenactments alive or put together a replacement event.