Senior Membership (Monthly or Yearly)

Senior Membership (Monthly or Yearly)

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Please select either the monthly or the yearly option prior to purchasing. This is a subscription which will be billed automatically (more details below.)


If you believe in giving Historical reenacting a permanent home, help make it a reality by supporting the effort today. Help us build the Living History Center, a permanent home for historical reenacting. With events dropping like flies, it is imperative that historical reenacting finally build the permanent site that it needs to survive and thrive.

Your contribution can make the goal of a permanent home for reenacting a reality; a perfect, movie set like environment to hold events and immerse yourself in history. This is not a far off, distant plan but instead one that we intend to start building immediately and seek to position the MHPG to purchase and begin using the new site in 2021. Unlike many other museums and historical villages, this site will be constructed around and made available for the purpose of holding reenactments and other living history events. Your support will give us the financial backing to make this a reality


Requirements: On purchasing either the full year or the first of the $50 monthly payments, level basic membership status will be granted immediately. After 3 months in good standing or on purchase of a full year the member will be granted Senior Membership and the benefits that come along with that.

Benefits:  As a member of an educational non profit many of your supplies and expenses related to your living history and reenactment activities may be considered tax deductible. This can vary by state and it is advisable to consult your accountant. It may be possible to deduct much of your reenacting equipment, including uniforms, gear, travel expenses, etc...

Once we are able to obtain a dedicated site, members will have full access to MHPG sites and facilities during non event periods. You may come and go as you see fit with the exception of event periods where registration is also required. This will also eventually include the ability to store up to one historical military vehicle on site inside our museum facility (not yet built). This also includes the use of bunkers and buildings for camping purposes during these visits to the MHPG facilities. This also includes the same benefits of Basic Membership which include the ability to attend minor events including training weekends, work weekends, and small private unit level events hosted on the property. Senior Members also have the ability to schedule access to the site either for their own historical projects or to schedule/organize small events for their groups like training events etc…

Voting Rights: Included

Discounts: All Senior Members will be given a 50% discount on event registration fees for events taking place on MHPG grounds where there are registration fees collected.

Preferential treatment: Some preferential treatment is granted to Senior members over basic members and the general public (general public include other, non-member, attendees at events.) This preferential treatment applies to resources and facilities. For example; a group of senior members will be more likely to be assigned a bunker or building for sleeping than non member and lower tier member attendees. They are also granted preference for scheduling of site use over Basic Members.

Laps in membership dues: Membership may be suspended or lost if there is a laps in dues. The revocation of benefits and title is immediate on any such laps and can only be reinstated when the lapsed dues are paid in full, maximum of $150. Maximum to be calculated by the monthly cost multiplied by the minimum number of months required before benefits take effect.


For more details on the Living History Center (LHC) project click here.


Subscription Details

This is a subscription; by purchasing, you are committing to regular monthly or yearly subscription payments in support of our efforts. You may cancel at any time. Any gap in your subscription will reset the clock for obtaining a life membership through donation. You can cancel this at any time, Seriously, if you want to cancel it contact us. We set this up as a subscription because we have found the subscription model to be easier to use than trying to remember to send a membership payment all the time. You can cancel this at any time, Seriously, if you want to cancel it contact us. We set this up as a subscription because we have found the subscription model to be easier to use than trying to remember to send a membership payment all the time. 


Subscriptions are not considered donations by the IRS and should not be claimed for tax deduction purposes.