Our organization is young and we have set ambitious goals. To achieve these goals long term we have divided them up into more achievable parts.


"Reenactment  Land"

We want to establish what is essentially a living history museum; a movie set like environment where you can really fall through time and have a first hand experience. Ideally the land would be large enough for all the necessary amenities like parking and restrooms but we also want terrain large enough to build a few small villages of different types, large enough to allow for trails for historical vehicles to drive on and really show what they can do, and we need enough space to build a large museum building which could double as storage/display for vehicles. We are searching across the country for suitable properties which we can either obtain through donation, purchase, or secure long term arrangements for the use of. This is accompanied with a fundraising efforts so that we are as prepared as possible for whatever opportunity comes available. We are exploring old mines, forests, camps, abandoned industrial complexes and otherwise disused property which might be suitable. Any leads or assistance is welcome. Please contact us at


Portable Barracks

During every major conflict, housing soldiers is a massive logistical undertaking and every soldier passes through or is housed in a variety of barracks. There are a number of designs for movable barracks which are designed to fold flat and be transported to follow the conflict. Constructing these barracks is a natural starting point. Not only will they be moveable to any site we choose, they provide an excellent backdrop of everyday life for average soldiers while providing housing for reenactors at events. 


Historical Village

The first goal when we find a permanent site is to establish a rudimentry village and eventually a larger more permanent generic early 1900's European style village. This not only provides an excellent backdrop but acts as a larger draw for the general public. A sort of historical theme park with various areas designed for specific purposes, like a walk through movie set.


Motor Pool

Another early goal after obtaining land will be to build a large secure storage facility for vehicles and create trails on the property for those vehicles to operate. This can also serve as the basis for a museum. It will be a real multi purpose facility; great storage, a workshop for maintenance and restoration, a great playground for vehicles, and a great show room to share historical vehicles with the world. In the long term we would want to make this a real resource for the restoration of historical military vehicles & equipment of all types. 


Virtual Living History Museum Project

In order to extend our reach we intend to create and sponsor a series of living history videos which help bring the past to life. Imagine visiting a museum and not only seeing a piece of equipment with its specifications and details but also having a video to put that item in proper context and share veterans stories. We see a few specific Categories of videos including: Veterans stories, field equipment & vehicles, and training films.