4th Luftwaffe Field Division JR58 Gettysburg June 2021

4th Luftwaffe Field Division JR58 Gettysburg June 2021

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German Luftwaffe reenactors admission for the June 17-19 reenactment at 201 Civil War Lane, Gettysburg, PA.




Thursday June 17:  12 noon - 11pm 
Friday June 18:  8am - 11pm 
Saturday June 19:  8am - 11am 
All reneactors must be offsite by no later than 12 noon on Sunday June 20.


Online registration will go up to $45 on Monday May 24 and closes on June 13. Walk-ons will be allowed on a case by case basis, but it will cost significantly more. Please contact Jim Horn at cmfchorn@gmail.com if you are planning on walking on.


All German Luftwaffe reenactors must fit the impression for the 4th Luftwaffe Field Division, Jager Regiment 58. You can find more details below. This is a fairly generic impression and most regular reenactors should have little difficulty in making minor adjustments to tailor their impression to this historic scenario.


Rations will be provided one meal on Friday evening one meal on Saturday evening.  Water is on site you must pack anything else you wish to consume.  






4. Luftwaffe Field Division 

Jager Regiment 58


Members of the 4th field division and 78th infantry as POWs




All participants must have correct glasses or wear contacts. Hair and facial hair must be of period correct style. All participants must be over the age of 18.

This event will have a functioning chain of command. You must have Event permission to portray an officer. If you have rank, you must have a realistic number of men under you. The reason for this is simple. Far too many people put on officers rank and show up thinking they can just tell people what to do. Very often they have no one, or far from enough men under them, to justify their rank. It is not only unrealistic, but it has been a pet peeve of many reenactors over the years because no one likes random officers barking orders at them. The event command is there to provide a good experience for all involved, a functioning chain of command helps ensure the event has a good flow. 

Photographs of the unit

The 4th field division is somewhat mysterious when it comes to photographs, to our knowledge there are very little confirmed photos showing the unit around the time period being portrayed, therefore we have to infer a bit using photographs of other FD units on the Eastern front within the same time frame

Uniforms and equipment of Field divisions:  When you think of standard field division in 1944, you generally think of men clad in a mix of Luftwaffe and Heer uniform items and equipment. But this is not universal for all field divisions, many of the units on the Eastern front were some of the first units formed and never received refitting, this led to these units being equipped with Luftwaffe kit for the entirety of their lifespan (little Heer items made their way to these units as it was deemed unnecessary to pull the units from the line to refit them). This set it apart from other field divisions stationed on the Western front which were very quickly re-fitted with new equipment and insignia.

Insignia variations: When the Field divisions were transferred to the Heer in late 1943 many unusual insignia sets began to appear. Some are seen with little to no change, still retaining their collar tabs. While you see other men who have either removed their tabs all together (with or without gulls remaining). Various Heer insignia can be seen on luftwaffe fliegerbluse. Though no tabs at all is the most common for field division personnel of the 4th

Awards: The 4th had been on the line since November 1942, most members of the infantry had earned the ground assault badge at this time, but with the Field divisions being under Heer control when new awards were given to personnel they were the Heer counterpart to the Luftwaffe awards still in use. This lead to both Heer and Luftwaffe awards being worn side by side (even on the same individual in some cases; though Luftwaffe awards were the norm)

Smocks: Luftwaffe “Field Division” smocks were a universal item in Field divisions (even non combat personnel were issued them), with all being in the  “Splinter B” pattern. Awards and insignia even made their way onto smocks on rare occasions, with the most common version being tress appearing on the shoulder boards on NCOs and Officers 

Painted camouflage: Camo painted items are frequently seen being worn by field division personnel, though it is somewhat of a rarity on the Eastern front, this is again due these units constantly being at the front line and having little to no refitting. Though occasionally crudely hand applied camouflage paint can be seen on a unit level, though it is extremely unit specific (hence, camouflage painted items will not be permitted).

Uniform Expectations

Helmet: should be Single decal Luftwaffe 

-M35 (reissue) 



Helmet net: Note: they are not mandatory as bare helmets were the norm

-“1942/3” pattern helmet nets (both thick and thin versions) were in almost universal use by Field divisions, they were usually issued on a company level. (More or less if one person has a net every one should.)

-Post war “hook on” nets are not permitted


-M40 LW wool overseas / side cap 

-M43 LW wool Field cap (single and double button )

-Buttons on cap must be painted Luftwaffe blue grey

-No camouflage caps are permitted, unit would not have had them


-service shirt, knit, cotton, w/wo pockets

-Period civilian undershirt are permitted 

Tunic: Note for Insignia variations, Fliegerbluse lacking collar tabs are the majority of example scene

-M40 Fliegerbluse 

-Light Green waffenfarbe is the only waffenfarbe premited


-M40 wool / Luftwaffe “straight legs”

-M40 fligerhosen

-M40 wool Heer (limited)

-M43 wool Heer (limited)

Great Coat:

-M40 wool Luftwaffe (preferred)

-M40 wool Heer (limited)


-German issue

-Period civilian


-Period correct underwear are encouraged

Boots: Must be treated at minimum (blackened with polish preferred)

-Marching boots (both tall pre war and shortened wartime)

-M37 Low boot

-M42/43 Low boot

Gamaschen (gaiters),

-M42 gamaschen (gaiters), (should be proper construction, original preferred)

-Luftwaffe Blue

-Grey Heer 

(Many men appear not to be wearing gamaschen at all)


-Field Division smocks in Splinter B (gavin/kellys/underwood permitted)

(must have eagle)

Coveralls: (very limited needs approval, mainly for members of vehicle crews and crew -served weapons)

-Luftwaffe blue 

-Luftwaffe Black

-w/wo eagle (though with eagle is preferred)


NO brown equipment will be permitted as of the 1939 dying order (unless stated otherwise)

Cleaning Kit: Required

-Period appropriate for your weapon


-“Lightweight” or “caverly” Y-straps


-Black with proper Luftwaffe buckle (painted or unpainted)

Ammo pouches:

-K98 sewn or riveted

-MP 40 proper construction

Bread bag: No police bags. There are quality reproductions out there.

-Blue M31 (prefered)

-Green M31 


-M31 canteen with bakalite or tin cup

-M42/44 enameled with bakalite or tin cup

-Post war blue covers are not permitted

Mess Kit:


-Mid War variant late war bales

-Post war M75s are not permitted

Bayonet frog:



-“Short” M42 for use with folding shovel carriers


-K98 repro or original

Shovel carrier



-Folding type I/II




Gas mask and can: (Mask not required but is highly encouraged)


-reproduction (reworked preferred)

-Gas sheet bags, both rubberized or canvas (blue or grey) are permitted 

Zelt: (SMW, ATF, Panther Store)

-Splinter A

-Swiss zelts not permitted




-Blue LW rucksacks are preferred, but army green will be permitted


-Gray Army Issue with Red/Blue stripe

-Gray generic

-German white/cream issue with stripes

-Gray with stripes

-Italian (Limited numbers)

-Civilian blankets of a european design acceptable 

-NO stereotypical american blankets, army green, hudson bay, or plaid, etc…)


No gas guns unless on a vehicle and approved

NO GSG, 22 mock ups, G41/43,  MP44, or captured weapons not listed

​Weapon must be appropriate for the rank / position held

Personal weapon:


-MP38/40 (no GSG)

-NO MP44 

-NO G41/43




-Luger P08

-Walther P38

-Walther PP

-PPSH 41 (captured)

-DP 28 (captured)

Unit Weapons:

-Flare gun



-Grenades M24 and variants(Nebelhandgranate, K, etc), M39, M43

Personal Items

though they are not required they are highly  encouraged. 

(NO modern eyewear or watches are authorized)

Prisoners from the 78th infantry and 4th field division


-​Soldbuch Highly encouraged

-ID Tags Highly encouraged

-Personal ID bracelet

Pocket Litter:




-Training pamphlets






-Fork spoon combo

-Toilet paper (period)

-Mosquito net (highly encouraged)



-Tooth brush (period)



-Soap dish

-Food bag for bread or ration issues

-Period tins to conceal medication